VERDURA naturalternatives



VERDURA naturalternatives is a Love Story, a journey from the modern city life to the tranquility, purity and beauty of nature. A dream for a healthier, more grounded compassionate life.

It's a passion for creating gorgeous, safe and effective products that make you feel beautiful just the way you are.

VERDURA naturalternatives is Hope for beauty without compromise. We believe it is the future of the beauty industry. The pleasure of taking care of yourself, bringing luxury to your life without the guilt of harming yourself, anyone or anything else.

Each product is formulated by us to achieve specific results with the highest quality ingredients from around the world. We carefully select the finest ingredients for their purity, sustainability, medicinal properties and skin benefits.

We designed our line to align with the modern decor, to allow our products to shine with elegance in your environment without creating clutter. We hope to bring this connection with nature in your modern lifestyle.

Our skincare line is entirely vegan, we do not and never will test on animals. We only use organic, plant based and wild crafted ingredients. Our formulas are without fillers, synthetic chemicals, artificial colorants or perfumes. Every product is created and hand blended in our loft studio.

With over 25 years as an aesthetician and a skin cancer survivor, I know what the skin needs and it's with my experience and years of research that I create my products.

With the love and help of my husband, the second half of VERDURA naturalternatives, you can now take home these natural high end skin treats, from our hearts to yours.

Brigitte & Claudio Urbani
Co-Founders & Makers